The beauty of handcrafted ceramic dinnerware is in the process just as much as it is in the final product.

Not only in transforming a simple ball of clay into a functional piece of art, but in the entirety of the design process. Starting, most importantly, in developing a relationship with the customer, (whether that be a world class chef, or design conscious homeowner), all the way through to the diner sitting at your table, enjoying a thoughtfully curated dining experience.

A great meal - whether in a five-star restaurant or in the comfort of your own home - is dictated not only by the food on the plate, but by each individual detail surrounding the experience. Not the least of which, being the canvas on which you choose to present that meal.

Whether you choose from one of our existing lines, would like to make some slight alterations to fit your specific needs, or prefer collaborate on something entirely unique to match your personal aesthetic, our goal is to ensure that your experience with us be as comfortable and enjoyable, as the one you create for your diners.

Custom Orders Available to Fit Your Needs