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Signature Collection: classic signature pieces. Made to order. Products and glazes always available (in limited quantity) includes mugs, dinner plates, serving platter, and more. Signature items can be "ready-to-ship" or will be made to order within 6-8 weeks (depending on order size)

Restaurant Overstock: as you may know, we create custom pieces for some of the best restaurants in the world, and for each order we make a few extras just in case. We've been very busy lately with restaurant orders, so we have lots of incredible, unique pieces that we need to unload to clear space on our shelves.

Seconds: pieces with little blemishes, tiny superficial cracks, or unexpected glaze finishes. They're still beautiful, perfectly functional, and dishwasher & microwave safe, but we can't sell them as firsts. Sooooo, lucky for you, we're discounting them and putting them up for sale.

Archives: Each piece is a unique sample pulled from our archives. When I first started making pieces for restaurants I experimented with a lot of new designs, but only a few made it into actual production. A lot got tossed and recycled back into new pieces, but the rest would get put into the 'Archives' to collect dust over the past 2-4 years.I decided it would be better for them to get some actual use and appreciation rather than sitting in dust covered cardboard box purgatory.

Pre-Order Sale: We host our Pre-Order Sale 2-3 times per year. The Pre-Order Sale features each of our 13 Signature Forms in each of our 10 glazes. Pieces are sold in sets of 4 and are made to order in small batches. Orders ship in 2-12 weeks in batches based on first come first serve basis.

In short, 1 'Batch' = 4 Kiln loads worth of orders. For our Pre-Order Sale, we will be glazing each piece by hand to order and firing them to 2400 in our gas fired kiln. In order to streamline this process we will be combining orders into batches of 4 kiln loads (about 200pcs per firing so roughly 800 pieces per batch). Once those 4 kiln loads are all finished, our small team of makers will turn our workshop into a small packing and shipping facility to sort and pack up all of those orders to be shipped out together. This way we can ship out 1 batch (4 kiln loads) every 2 weeks.

As soon as our Pre-Order Sale closes on we will be organizing all orders into batches in the order that they were received and we will send you a notification as to which batch your order is in, and what your estimated shipping time will be.

Signature Glazes

Glazing pieces to order allows us to offer each of our designs in any of our 10 beautiful glaze options!  Seasonal-limited edition glazes are launched a few times per year! 

  • Butter
  • Meringue
  • Charcoal
  • Pebble
  • Dusk
  • Ivy
  • Agave
  • Lichen
  • Robin
  • Coffee 

We hope you’ll notice some of the subtle variation in the edges and glaze of each piece. We think it gives them that extra little touch of character to make your home cooked meal just a little more special.

Signature Forms 

We refer to each of our different Signature Line designs as 'Forms'. (Ex. Dinner plate, snack plate, soup bowl, or serving platter). 

  • B&B Plate
  • Snack Plate 
  • Monkey Bowl
  • Cereal Bowl 
  • Pasta Bowl 
  • Lunch Plate 
  • Dinner Plate 
  • Entree Plate 
  • Flat Oval Platter 
  • Large Serving Bowl 
  • Tapered Porcelain Mug 


All profits will be donated to The Loft LGBTQ Community Center