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Signature Collection: classic signature pieces. May be ready to ship or made to order. Products and glazes always available (in limited quantity) includes mugs, dinner plates, serving platter, and more. Signature items can be "ready-to-ship" or will be made to order within 6-8 weeks

Restaurant Overstock: as you may know, we create custom pieces for some of the best restaurants in the world, and for each order we make a few extras just in case. We've been very busy lately with restaurant orders, so we have lots of incredible, unique pieces that we need to unload to clear space on our shelves.

Seconds: pieces with little blemishes, tiny superficial cracks, or unexpected glaze finishes. They're still beautiful, perfectly functional, and dishwasher & microwave safe, but we can't sell them as firsts. Sooooo, lucky for you, we're discounting them and putting them up for sale.



Ready to ship:Item is available in our shop, ready to ship. **Please note that all seconds and overstock pieces are ready to ship.

Ships 6-8 weeks: Items will be made to order and shipped within 6-8 weeks

**Please note that all seconds and overstock pieces are ready to ship and final.


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