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What's the difference between Porcelain and Stoneware?

Stoneware versus porcelain ceramics what is the difference? New York Artist handcrafted non-toxic



The two clay bodies we use (Porcelain and Stoneware) are both variations of clay dug from the earth which are then refined, formed by hand, glazed with our custom colors, and fired into functional pieces of pottery.

The clay begins its journey on a mountaintop where deposits of kaolin and other minerals are slowly eroded and washed down river mixing together to create malleable clay. (The name "kaolin" is actually derived from the Chinese word "Gaoling" meaning ‘high ridge’).

Porcelain contains higher percentages of kaolin with less impurities and is found higher up on the mountain (closer to the original deposits) and therefore is a very smooth clean white clay body.Stoneware (secondary clay) takes a longer journey down the river where it picks up more iron, carbon,  and other mineral deposits leaving it with a more natural and rustic texture.


Most people are more familiar with porcelain dinnerware, it’s more common, it’s light and delicate, with a smooth texture. Our porcelain dinnerware is more durable than most due both to the specific custom blend we use, and the extremely high temperatures reached in our gas kiln (over 2400°F!). The texture and finish of these pieces are more clean and consistent.  

Our porcelain pieces are offered in six glazes: meringue, pebble, charcoal, sky, coffee, lichen 



Stoneware is more rustic, it has an earthy texture and stone-like quality with a more unrefined finish. Stoneware is typically a bit heavier than porcelain. Our stoneware has tiny specks of iron in it that will bleed through the glasses and leave tiny little ‘freckles’ on the surface of the glaze. Because of it's earthy texture, stoneware pieces have more variation in color, as the glaze subtly interacts with the natural variation in the clay(as pictured below).  

Our stoneware pieces are offered in three glazes: autumn, hudson, and oat. 





Signature Collection Glaze: 

Hudson, Autumn, Oat 

Signature Collection Glaze: 

Meringue, Pebble, Charcoal, Coffee, Lichen, Sky 




Small specks of iron in the grog will show through the glaze giving it just a touchmore character and a bit more natural variation

*Product colors may have more variation 



Durable. Consistent 

Due to the natural strength of  porcelain, we are able to make our porcelain line slightly thinner and lighter than our stoneware line giving it a more delicate feel while maintaining the same strength and durability as the Stoneware